Havana Club Tributo 2019

Havana Club Tribute Collection, is a limited edition series that pays tribute to Cuban rum and the know-how of the Cuban Ron Masters.
"The creation of the Havana Club Tribute Collection is a fascinating process, since each delivery will bring a new and unrepeatable tasting experience, thanks to the experimentation with rums from our reserves" - Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum.

This Collection, is a tribute to the best that Cuban rum can offer, the Havana Club Cuban Rum Master Asbel Morales, will personally select the best aged rums from the reserves of its wineries, to produce each annual edition with a distinctive flavor and only.
Limited edition with only 2500 bottles a year for everyone, which has the signature of Cuban Rum Master Asbel Morales and serial label listed.
It is a collectable product that obtains value over time.
Product developed from the best rum reserves of our wineries. Each year will present a different flavor, capable of challenging the finest palates.

Tribute 2018:
First Cuban rum with distinctive smoked note.
Rum of high quality is the third edition of the Havana Club Tribute Collection.
Havana Club Tributo 2018 honors the crucial role of the barrel in the production process of our rum. The ripening in barrels brings a unique flavor to the sugarcane brandy, present in this rum.
The new rum, also a member of the Iconic Collection of Havana Club, is a blend made from the best rum reserves, exclusively aged in barrels over 60 years old, which have been safeguarded by the Masters of Cuban Rum, and ensure the refined superiority of our luxury rums.
Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum, carefully selected and mixed the rums extracted from these precious barrels, and then finished the process with a finish in barrels of smoked whiskey. The result: the First Cuban Rum with a subtle but distinctive smoky note.
This combination of barrels allows you to appreciate a wide range of flavors, which will surprise the palate of the most sophisticated connoisseurs.
Bottled at 40% alcohol content, it is presented in a wooden packaging, made from white oak, in keeping with the exceptionality of the Tribute Collection.

Tribute 2017:
It stands out for its distinctive green color, it pays just homage to the Cuban sugar cane and everything that it represents in the production process of Cuban rum.

Its impressive character is due to the presence of a brandy of several decades in the heart of the mixture, aged in exclusive barrels of more than 80 years.

The result is a liquid with a distinctive dry note, combined with notes of chocolate, coffee and tobacco, which are accompanied by a bright amber color and an intense aroma, which when inhaled, mixes subtle notes of cane honey and raisins.

"The great reserves of the Havana Club distillery offer us an enormous wealth of luxury rums to be able to experiment. By combining a brandy of several decades and our precious rums, we have achieved a totally new rum, alive and complex, with a remarkable dry flavor, coming from the authentic character of the Cuban sugarcane brandy. Havana Club Tributo 2017 places handicrafts in the creation of premium rum at the heart of the production, from sugarcane to barrel, and we hope that rum drinkers around the world will enjoy it. " - Asbel Morales, Master of Cuban Rum.

Tribute 2016:
It is a well-deserved homage to the know-how of the Masters of Cuban Rum and the art of producing rum in Cuba, thanks to the cultural heritage handed down from generation to generation by Cuban Ron Masters.

It is characterized by a liquid of a deep amber glow, brightness and transparency. An exquisite balanced aroma with its components. Where we enjoy a definite note of tropical dried fruits and a prolonged flavor. A powerful, clear and complete blend as a witness of years of natural aging in old white oak barrels.

Consumption proposal:
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Alone or to the rock, to share with good friends.

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