Havana Club Profundo

Havana Club International S.A never stops surprising, this time with the launch of Havana Club Profundo, a new Super Premium aged white rum with a very complex and distinctive profile, which proudly embodies the tradition of Cuban white rums.

The creator, Juan Carlos González Delgado, First Master of Cuban Rum, succeeds the perfect balance between intensity and mellowness, achieved by a unique blend of aged rum bases with a higher proportion of aguardientes and a minimum amount of sugar.

Havana Club Profundo is an exquisite, versatile and complex rum, which reveals a different quality in each sip. This unique blend expresses both the rich experience and the constant innovation of our Masters of Cuban Rum in white rums making, highlighting Havana Club 3 Years Old as one of its best exponents.

Under the slogan "Vive Profundo", this new product can satisfy the most demanding palates and expert consumers. It will also be the selected rum to revive refined cocktails, such as the classic Natural Daiquiri, for very special occasions.

Packed in the iconic Havana Club 7 years bottle in its transparent version, the precious liquid displays the flashes of its light straw color, an inherent characteristic of aging.

The predominant blue color in its presentation, refers to the distillery of origin: Santa Cruz del Norte, where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean bathe its coast. A signature blue label combined with refined gold details, looking elegant and contemporary at the same time.

Profundo will be part of Havana Club's permanent portfolio, recognized for the wide diversity and proven quality of its proposals. The new product will be present in almost every chain of retail stores in the country.

At the moment, it will only be commercialized in Cuba, at the recommended public price of 222 CUP.
Tasting notes:
Appearance: Light straw, bright, clean and transparent.

Smell: Intense, characteristic from aguardientes, fruity, with herbaceous nuances and notes of oak.

Flavor: intense, mellow and harmonious, herbaceous, dry, fills the palate with a marked permanence in the mouth, without itching or harshness when swallowing, marked and persistent aftertaste.

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