1978: Conception of an innovative product created by Don José Navarro, 1st Master of Cuban Rum. He started the tradition of "continuous aging", which allowed the creation of superior rums in Cuba and worldwide, later known as extra aged. Havana Club Añejo 7 Founding rum, which gave rise to the extra aged rums from Cuba.

Did you know…?
Havana 7 is the best selling premium rum in the world. It was the first extra vintage rum that showed the world, that good rum can also be tasted alone (without mixing). It takes more than 14 years to create Havana 7. The 7 that declares its label, refers to the youngest drop of the old bases that make up the product.

When it emerged, Havana 7 became the most complex rum of its generation, with a wealth of flavors and aromas unparalleled in the world.

Each time a Havana 7 is born, a portion of the final blend returns to the barrel to continue the aging process for several more years. This portion is used again in the future productions of Havana 7. Therefore, we can assure you that even today's Havana 7 contains the same spirit of that original rum created almost half a century ago.

Of the bases that compose it, only the youngest has 7 years of aging, but the resulting expression contains bases aged for more than 4 decades. Due to its natural aging process it can be stated that these 7 years are equivalent to 14 years of aging in a whiskey.

In the absence of Havana 7 and its method of continuous aging, the creation of rums as complex and aged as those that make up today the Iconic Collection of Havana Club, would have been impossible. It is a rum that is enjoyed alone, or simply accompanied by a few drops of Essences from Cuba. Thus, the consumer will be able to experience unique sensations, by exploring in each sip of Havana Club 7 a range of flavors and fragances.

Havana 7 is one of the most awarded products in the Havana Club portfolio, recognized for its excellent quality worldwide in the most important cocktail contests.

Tasting notes:
Appearance: Dazzling and clear mahogany color.
Aroma: An outstanding and exquisite bouquet with intense and sophisticated notes of cocoa, vanilla, cedar, sweet tobacco, and exuberant tropical fruits.
Palate: Havana Club Añejo 7 Años is an exceptional rum, elegant and rich. A voluptuous and silky entrance gives rise to a balanced and extraordinarily complex palate at the same time, with vibrant and refined hot cocoa, vanilla, sugarcane, chestnuts and aromas of caramelized tropical fruits, reinforced with notes of soft and firm oak, and rich spices
Final: Intense but round and soft; its complex notes of aging combine with the freshness that dates back to its origins, the sugar cane.

Since its creation, HC 7 has been recognized as an excellent quality rum in the most important competitions in the world, the most recent award was received in 2017 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017, with a double gold medal, certifying internationally, the excellence of a product like HC7, leader in sales worldwide in its category.

Consumption proposal

Cancha Cocktail

1. HC Havana Club 7 Años - 50 ml
2. Lemon juice - 25 ml
3. Honey - 25 ml
4. Complete with gaseous water

How to serve?
Add lemon juice and honey syrup on bottom background of the glass. Dissolve the honey with the lemon.
Add Havana 7 and fill the glass with ice. Mix all ingredients until diluted. Garnish with a lemon tajadita.

The Oldfashioned
50ml of Havana 7
10ml of liquid sugar
1 dash of narrowness
Ice in abundance and shake a lot
Decorate with Orange twist

How to serve?
Mix the liquid sugar with the narrowness, add plenty of ice and then Havana 7. Shake until all the ingredients are well mixed. Decorate with an orange twist.

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