Cuban Smoky: a new Cuban-style rum

Without losing the essence of the rum and the spirit of Havana Club, the Cuban Smoky presents very light smoked notes in its aroma that are felt more in the palate and also appear in a dry glass, says the creator, who recommends it for those looking to experience new flavors and also for connoisseurs.

And it is that Havana Club International S.A. is constantly committed to innovation and works to meet the needs of the market that thanks Cuban Rum for its ability to surprise, reinvent itself and turn each proposal into a success.

Rum Maestro Asbel Morales explains that this product “responds to the development of products with a finish, that is to say that it is a rum that before being bottled is subjected to a final aging process in barrels that have previously aged some spirits, wine or other distilled alcohols so that it can catch the notes of that last drink that was there.”

One of the bases that make up this rum was in whisky barrels from the region of Islay, Scotland, aged between 10 and 15 years and that were preserved without washing, which contributed to the smoked notes that distinguish the Cuban Smoky.

They are soft, very subtle notes that combine very well with elements that are usually employed in the making of the Havana Club, such as wood, soft aging, a fruity taste, brandy, vanilla, that is, it combines very well and results in a taste unknown to many, says Asbel; he adds that it has a robust aging, is zealous to the palate, with a deep mahogany color.

The inspiration? It was a team work, he says. In addition to meeting a commercial demand and summoning the creativity of the Maestro, a group of bartenders in close contact with him contributed to the conception of the rum. “That way the bartenders have a novelty to create more daring cocktails, different from those existing in the market today.”

Another characteristic of this new Havana Club product is that it responds to the need to reinforce the image and sales of one of its fundamental pillars: the Havana Club Añejo 7 Years, the founding rum, hence the Cuban Smoky’s similar presentation.

Although it does not have a declaration of age, Morales explains, it can contain mixtures of bases with 5, 7 and up to 12 years of aging.

While its antecedents were found in more specific products such as the Tributo 2018 ―limited edition― and Professional Edition B, the Cuban Smoky “is designed for all consumers, for rum lovers as well as for bartenders.” Luckily for those who will surely be its many followers, it will be part of the brand's regular portfolio.

How to drink it? In shots or in cocktails ―a recommended one is the Old Fashioned― and it can also be mixed with energizers, ideal for smoke bomb, which is why it is destined to become the king of the night, and why not, preferred for special occasions.

As the Rum Maestro sums up, “The idea is to develop a new product. Today, young people have the need to feel something new, a change, but it is also for connoisseurs who have a reference for distilled smoked spirits and may approach rum, which is why the Cuban Smoky meets those two requirements.”

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